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6 Weeks of Silence: Interview with Choi Yan Yau

This blog post won’t be long because it’s simply an introduction to a YouTube video. Yes, A Life I Choose now has a YouTube Channel! Check it out 🙂

My first video is an interview I conducted with my friend Choi Yan Yau (click link see Yan’s facebook page), a.k.a. Yan. I describe Yan as a global citizen because she’s constantly on the move – she is Chinese, and was raised in the UK. I met her in Malta last July, and since then she has been to Burma, Singapore, and now is stopping in Bali before she heads to Australia and New Zealand. See why I went with the global description?

In the video, I ask Yan about her journey with yoga; how she was introduced to it and why she wanted to become a teacher. We also discuss the 6-week long silent meditation that Yan experienced in Burma. Can you imagine not speaking, not writing, not emailing, text messaging, instagramming…. for 6 whole weeks?


In the process, we discuss burn out, listening to our emotions, self-awareness, and what it means to be mindful.

Please excuse the sign saying: Call Recorder Demo. I quickly downloaded a demo from ecamm.com and didn’t realise they’d post their logo across the video. Either way, I’m happy with their service and will be purchasing the product 🙂

Sending you love and wishing you a nourishing weekend,





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Emma Hogg, Founder of A Life I Choose

It is extremely important to me that as many people as possible do not suck at life. I’m a Psychotherapist and Life & Joy Strategist; I teach my clients to actively design their lives so that they can thrive. Don't be a sucker; overcome any obstacles and choose to live purposefully, passionately and joyfully.

How do you feel? x

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