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Being a Parent: episode 1


A lot of my friends have had kids recently. And the ones who haven’t had any, are about to pop. Even though I don’t have kids, for the past few years, I’ve spent a lot of time with children because of my work, my nieces and my friends’ kids. I can only imagine what it’s like to be a parent, because I always get to give the kids back at the end of the day. “I’ve given them a tonne of nutella… Good luck!”

I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by so many people making this transition into parenthood. They’re all taking on this new identity: “mother”, “father”. And I get to observe it.

I don’t imagine it’s a process that is totally joyful. I know there are frustrations. I know that having kids can put a strain on the relationship. It’s a multi-faceted experience, and everyone derives different meanings from it all.

I’ve decided to start a YouTube series called “Being a Parent”. I’m taking full advantage of the kindness of my friends, to ask them how the experience has been for them so far, in as casual and honest a way as possible. And what’s even cooler, I’m going to share this all with you on my YouTube channel.

So, if like me, you’re curious, subscribe to keep up-to-date, and write to me with your thoughts and any ideas you might have.

Here’s the first episode, where I interview my brother, Andrew, and my friend, Alon. Check it out and tell me what you think!


Thanks to all my friends who trust me enough to let me put them on YouTube 🙂 xx

With love,


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Emma Hogg, Founder of A Life I Choose

Hi! I'm Emma. I’m a psychotherapist who lives, breathes and eats the science of joyfulness, wellness and achievement. All the work I do is fuelled by my deep wish to belong to a world where people actively choose their lives! A person without choice is an unhappy individual. A person who passionately and resiliently lives their purpose experiences joy and fulfilment daily. If you’re like me and you see that the more people are consciously engaging in life, the happier our world will be, then we need you to be a beacon of this message by living it! My blog is one of my ways of creating dialogue with you, so that together, we can have a greater impact on our world. x

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