Why I meditate everyday

Hi Guys!

I began trying to meditate when I was about 17 years old, but I didn’t really know what I was doing. I would sit on my bedroom floor and try to clear my mind… but it never worked. I really learned the principles of meditation when I attended an 8-week course about five years ago, and have been practising ever since.

I genuinely notice a difference in how I feel, think and behave on the days I meditate to the days when I don’t. I find the practice of mindfulness so beneficial that I’ve made a video where I share 11 benefits I experience from practising meditation everyday.


I hope you found this video helpful. Leave a comment if you’d like to.

Sending you love,




Published by

Emma Hogg, Founder of A Life I Choose

It is extremely important to me that as many people as possible do not suck at life. I’m a Psychotherapist and Life & Joy Strategist; I teach my clients to actively design their lives so that they can thrive. Don't be a sucker; overcome any obstacles and choose to live purposefully, passionately and joyfully.

How do you feel? x

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