Self-Awareness in the Creative Process: Workshop Schedule & Topics

Hi Guys,

During my 12-Week Workshop Series, “Self-Awareness in the Creative Process”, I will guide you through a journey of self-exploration to unlock your creative potential. Here is the plan for how we will work together.

July 20th

Session 1: What Do You Notice?

Exploring what stands out to you in your environment. Identifying what external stimuli mean to you in this moment. Recognising your style.


July 27th

Session 2: Who Am I?

Finding clarity in your creative role within the systems you belong to, so that you can work effectively.


August 3rd

Session 3: The Field

Understanding how the system you belong to (the company you work for/the environment you live in/your schedule) impacts your process, and how to make the dynamics work for you.


August 10th

Session 4: Tapping into the Unconscious

Realising how much potential material is within you already and how to access it.


August 24th

Session 5: “There’s an old voice in your head that’s holding you back” 

Learning to notice your self-beliefs and how these hinder or move you forward. How to choose your self-beliefs.


August 31st

Session 6: No

Your energy is a limited resource. Can you protect it from being squandered so you can channel it into your creative process?


September 7th

Session 7: The Physical

How to learn from the intelligence of your body, and how to channel this learning into your work.


September 14th

Session 8: Bi-Polar

Exploring sides of yourself you don’t usually go to. Using what you find there to enrich your process.


September 21st

Session 9: Drown Out the Noise

How to be in the moment. Trusting your process so that you can excel.


September 28th

Session 10: Let It Go

Learning to stay in the discomfort of your creative process. Embracing fear, confusion, anxiety and channelling it into your work.


October 5th

Session 11: Imperfection & Failure

What do these words mean to you and how do they impact your process?


October 12th

Session 12: Who Am I Now?

Looking at your process through the past 12 weeks; how you’ve grown as a creative. Integrating your learning into your sense of self, and using it to support you through the next phases of your creative journey.


To register please send me a message on the “A Life I Choose” Facebook page.

For more information about the workshop, click here.


I look forward to working with you.


Emma Hogg (B. Psy (hons)) (Dipl. GPTIM) is a Gestalt Psychotherapist working in private practice. She is the founder of blog and YouTube channel, “A Life I Choose”.


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