July Favourites

Hey You,

Oh my God we’re in the depth of summer, aren’t we? It’s hot, sticky, and mosquitos are feasting on us all! I really think the heat makes us all a bit short-tempered. If the seasons were emotions, winter would be sadness and summer would be angry, don’t you think? So, these are the wonderful things that have helped me keep my cool this past month.

Favourite Movie

Blind Date/Un peu, beacoup, aveuglement: This is the most intriguing and hilarious romantic comedy I’ve ever seen! A socially-awkward pianist moves into an apartment building, right next door to an easily-distracted – and even more socially-perturbed – game inventor. The inventor is determined to drive the pianist out of the building so that he can work in peace. The pianist fights back, creating noise in the most intrusive ways she can fathom. Until something shifts between them and their relationship of terrorism turns into one of intimacy. The movie is in French, but on Netflix it has subtitles. You need to watch this!

Favourite Instagram Account

@alexinesammut: I don’t understand enough about photography and art to write about Alexine’s images poetically. But what I know is that every time she posts a picture, my thumb stops scrolling and my eyes focus. This isn’t something I do consciously… I just want to look. She takes pictures of the mundane from angles that I always find very curious. And I just discovered she has a blog where she does the same. Check her out.

Favourite Drink

Sparkling water + lemon + cucumber + ginger. Boom.

Favourite TV show

Chelsea’s Dinner Party: The God Question: In recent years, Chelsea Handler’s humour has become a little less self-deprecating and much more purpose-driven. She is politically-active and engages with her audience over issues like feminism, the prison system, and even religion and spirituality. In this episode, Chelsea sits down for dinner with other well-known individuals and discusses the concept of faith. They share what it means to them, what their doubts have been and how it helps them. The conversation carries with it a respect for diversity – the kind of respect you wish you’d always see with spiritual questioning.

Keep cool peeps!

With love,



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