August Favourites

Dear You,

I came across some really good stuff this month and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Favourite Series

LOVE – Meet Gus, a socially-awkward uber-nerd. He’s too nice and people walk all over him. Then meet Mickey, she’s having a hard time coping with the complexities of life and she deals with it by getting high/drunk or hooking up. She’s tired of the way her life is going and thinks about getting sober but it’s just too hard. These two, loveable – and at the same time, so irritating – individuals start dating, and it is so entertaining. Forget romantic comedy – these guys chose to portray what dating is really like nowadays and it is awkward. I love it! Check it out!


Favourite Movie

To The Bone – Growing up, I’d watched a few movies that depicted characters who had eating disorders, but I always felt like the people who made the movie had no clue why or how someone could choose to restrict or purge food. So when I heard of “To The Bone”, I was hesitant to dedicate my time to it. What if it was another rubbish depiction of ED? But, one afternoon, I was too tired to work, so I decided to watch the movie. And Oh My God… it is the most realistic and thorough portrayal of eating disorders I’ve ever seen.  Added bonus: good actors and good story-line.


Favourite Book

The Universe has your Back, by Gabrielle Bernstein –  I feel so fortunate that I came across this book when I did. This month has been full of uncertainties. I had an MRI and it revealed I was in a very dangerous situation. Now I am much safer – I am being monitored and I am resting a lot to recover. But in the meantime, my mind has been asking all sorts of questions like, “How did this happen?”, “Will I get better?”, “What does this mean for my future?” All of these questions can be anxiety-producing, so reading Gabby Bernstein’s book, has honestly been a God-send.

Gabby speaks about trusting our paths; embracing whatever happens to us and finding peace within ourselves. I would recommend it to anyone who experiences anxiety or feels lost, and to people going through life transitions or facing illness. I would honestly recommend it to anyone! I warn you, she does get spiritual, so if it’s not your thing either don’t read the book or take what she says with a pinch of salt. I don’t mind her spirituality at all, but I know it’s not everyone’s piece of cake, so I just want to give you a heads up.

gabby 2


Favourite Snack

Fruit Salad – There are no rules here: chuck your favourite fruit together, give it a spritz of lemon and you’ve got a fruit salad. So refreshing on these hot days! And if you’re too tired to cook, try a generous portion of this with some yoghurt and granola. It’s good stuff!



With love,


Published by

Emma Hogg, Founder of A Life I Choose

It is extremely important to me that as many people as possible do not suck at life. I’m a Psychotherapist and Life & Joy Strategist; I teach my clients to actively design their lives so that they can thrive. Don't be a sucker; overcome any obstacles and choose to live purposefully, passionately and joyfully.

How do you feel? x

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