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The link between Mindfulness and Self-Awareness

In November, I was asked to give a talk at the yearly SACES workshop about mindfulness and self-awareness. I was really excited to do this for two reasons:

  1. Mindfulness and self-awareness – two of my favourite topics!
  2. Creative, hungover architecture students. You have to love them!

Mindfulness is a practice that has helped me cope with so many different life challenges. In this video, I explain how it works.

With love,


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Published by

Emma Hogg, Founder of A Life I Choose

Hi! I'm Emma! I'm a psychotherapist, but you can think of me as a Life & Joy Strategist! My mission is to challenge you to reconnect with your true potential and to choose a life filled with maximum joy, energy, passion, love and drive!

How do you feel? x

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