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Xmas Videos: Week 2

Ola my friends!

I can’t believe we’re already 2 weeks into the Christmas videos! We’re so close to Christmas now – have you done your shopping yet? I’m not quite there yet.

We had an amazing group of guests this week on “Emma’s Xmas Questions” and the Monday night Vlog was seriously cute, since my nieces joined me to do some Christmas baking!

If haven’t subscribed to our YouTube channel yet, we would LOVE it if you’d go over and hit that subscribe button because it really supports our channel. Here’s this week’s videos:

Sunday 8th December

I interview a person whose entrepreneurial mind and big dreams inspire me. I met him for the first time when he invited me on his podcast, “Good Faith“, where he asked me questions that made me think and dig deep.

I liked him instantly and I’m excited for you all to get to know him better! It’s the Founder of Lovin Malta, Chris Peregin!


Monday 9th December

The Monday night VLOG: Join us for a cozy Christmassy weekend, as we film Xmas videos, bake Xmas muffins with my nieces, and take care of our tired bodies.


Tuesday 10th December

I interview a man who not only makes me laugh because he’s so entertaining but he also makes me smile with his giant heart.
He’s a total grinch but he was still up for playing “Emma’s Xmas Questions”! It’s David Ozi Borg; co-host of The Big Breakfast with Oz & Jay on XFM100.2 and co-founder of Big Wig Headhunters!

Wednesday 11th December

In this video, I interview someone I love very much! My brother: Mental Performance Coach and former Goalkeeper for the Malta team; Andrew Hogg.


Thursday 12th December

You’re going to love this video! I interview the warm, bubbly and beautiful, Diandra Bradtke! She’s the Founder of “Diandra Mattei: Face, Body, Hands”. She’s obsessed with Christmas and even convinces her husband to wear matching Christmas pyjamas! Would you put up with her?? You would – just watch the video 🙂


Friday 13th December

I interview the beautiful soul behind “Food Therapy for a Conscious Living”; Martina Camilleri.

Almost 2 years ago, I changed my diet to be 80% whole-foods, which meant I seriously reduced my intake of dairy, refined-sugars and meat and I cut out gluten. This diet made a massive improvement to my health and energy, but until I found people/places that catered for it, I sometimes felt restricted and often took on the persona of the “difficult dinner guest”.

With Food Therapy, Martina makes the most delicious food that meets all these needs, so it was important to me to introduce you to her because I know that most of you are health-conscious too.

With this video, there’s a chance to win Martina’s Mince Pie Bars! Head over to our picture on my Instagram and follow the directions there for the chance to win!


Saturday 14th December

I interview a woman who reminds me of Taylor Swift. She’s sassy, she’s determined and she’s a social butterfly with a big heart; she’s Nicole Gera, the co-owner of “Dean Gera Hair Salons”.

Nicole and her team really guided me on how to bring my hair to a state of optimum health. I’ve been a customer of theirs for 2 years now and I’ve never been happier with the texture, style and colour of my hair.

I’m so excited to share that Nicole has a super gift for you! “The Gift of Beautiful Hair”; a make-over with Nicole herself! Go over to our picture on my Instagram and follow the directions there for the chance to win!


Thank you for tuning in to this week’s Xmas Videos! See you on the YT channel tomorrow for our next one, or here next week for our weekly round-up!

With lots of Christmas LOVE,


Emma Hogg, Founder of A Life I Choose, Psychotherapist and Lifestyle Strategist
Emma Hogg, Founder of A Life I Choose, Psychotherapist and Lifestyle Strategist




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Emma Hogg, Founder of A Life I Choose

Hi! I'm Emma. I’m a psychotherapist who lives, breathes and eats the science of joyfulness, wellness and achievement. All the work I do is fuelled by my deep wish to belong to a world where people actively choose their lives! A person without choice is an unhappy individual. A person who passionately and resiliently lives their purpose experiences joy and fulfilment daily. If you’re like me and you see that the more people are consciously engaging in life, the happier our world will be, then we need you to be a beacon of this message by living it! My blog is one of my ways of creating dialogue with you, so that together, we can have a greater impact on our world. x

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