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Q&A: Do you have any advice for international students in countries other than their homes?

Ola my friends!

During this surreal time, you’ve sent me some of the most interesting questions through my Instagram stories. Below is my answer to the question: Do you have any advice for international students in countries other than their homes?

Good question! I’m sure there are so many of you who aren’t at home right now and you must be wondering what this is going to mean for you in the coming months.

I imagine that you’re feeling isolated from your families and at the same time worried about travelling home, if you even still have the choice to travel home. You might be worried about your own health or the health of your family members.

What I get in touch with when I think of you is a feeling of being cut off and stranded, and a sense of longing to be with the ones you love.

It’s so weird how a couple of weeks ago we could all be around each other physically and yet, so many of us were hooked to our phones, and now we can’t be around each other physically, and we’re craving it. So, I think that even families in the same country are experiencing this feeling of being disconnected and lost.


It’s really important that you:

  • Take good care of your heart.

What we’re going through is bizarre and completely unexpected. I haven’t spoken to one person who hasn’t experienced anxiety in response to this. It’s a lot to process, it’s a lot to make sense of and there’s a lot of questions marks.

Don’t force yourself to be somewhere that you’re not. Don’t force yourself to not be anxious or to be happy or to be productive. I’m not saying sink further down in sadness and anxiety, but I’m saying bring acceptance to your experience with grace. Once you’ve accepted where you are with kindness then ask yourself how you can raise your vibration just a little bit.

  • Get creative in how you stay connected and use your technology in the way it was designed to be to used

Not physically seeing people for days on end is TOUGH. Especially when we’re not seeing the people we love. It’s really important that we get creative in the ways we stay connected and that we actively seek out connection with others.

Book Facetime coffee dates with your friends, write a story with your sister, send dance moves for your nephews and nieces to copy, and send photos to your mum. Create fun ways that feel nourishing, schedule them, stick to them.

  • Stay grounded in the present moment.

With things being so uncertain, it’s easy for us to lose ourselves in questions of “What if…?” There is something very grounding in coming to the minuscule moment. This moment, right now, right here, as you read this… In this moment, everything is okay.

Practice being in the moment and when you see yourself go off, come back.


I hope you found this helpful! Please do ask me more on my Insta stories.

With love,


Emma Hogg, Founder of A Life I Choose, Psychotherapist and Lifestyle Strategist
Emma Hogg, Founder of A Life I Choose, Psychotherapist and Lifestyle Strategist

If you’d like to use this challenging time as an opportunity to develop a healthier & more resilient mindset, you’re welcome to contact me to organise a complimentary online Lifestyle Strategy Session during which we’ll discuss the best way forward for you to THRIVE.




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Emma Hogg, Founder of A Life I Choose

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