Welcome to A Life I Choose

In this space, I encourage us all to slow down our worlds for some time. Make a cup of tea, take some deep soothing breaths and say hello to your self.

It’s not news to anyone that most of our minds are running at a pace that our bodies can’t keep up with. We place extreme pressure on ourselves to meet the expectations of our times.

Many of us find that as a result of these demands, we suffer. We suffer physically, mentally or socially. We lose a sense of meaningful connection with those closest to us or we don’t produce our best work. We sometimes wonder, what is this all for?

Through “A Life I Choose”, I nudge you to take some breathing space, and to ask yourself: Am I living a life that is meaningful to me? I do this by sharing my own reflections, by posing questions to you, by engaging in dialogue with you. I share tips and exercises that I learn along the way. I also share research that I come across through my studies, and lessons that I learn through my work with my dear clients (who will always remain anonymous).

I am a Gestalt Psychotherapist. In my private practice, I work to empower individuals to live fuller, more satisfying lives. I do this by developing trusting relationships with my clients, whom I support and lovingly challenge to increase their awareness of themselves. Through increased self-awareness, my clients become in touch with their sense of choice and responsibility. They learn to become the driver of their life, rather than a passenger. “A Life I Choose” is where I share my experiences of this work and philosophy.

With love,


(B. Psy (Hons)) (Dipl. GPTIM)

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