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My Goals for 2019 VLOG // My first action-step, celebration & 2 healthy recipes

I’ve never considered myself a super “fun” person. Growing up, I was mostly serious and I’ve always opted for an evening in with my books than for any kind of goofing around! And though there’s no harm in preferring books to tomfoolery, it sometimes results in me experiencing more boredom and loneliness than I’d like.

This year, I’ve promised myself that I’ll celebrate more. By this, I mean that I want to create opportunities for more fun and more playfulness to enter my life!

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Why Do We Fall OUT of Love?

I really want to speak about this with you because the majority of us know what’s like to look at someone we used to be nuts for and feel either nothing towards them, or worse,  experience disgust or disappointment.

It’s something we all experience at some point or another, but there’s some unwritten rule that we’re not supposed to talk about it. If we talk about it, we could end up finding out that actually it was just me feeling this way and everyone else is over the moon in their relationships! And that would be down-right humiliating, wouldn’t it?

I’ve never been a fan of bullshit. I’d rather have an honest conversation than talk pleasantries. The reality of commitment is that it takes awareness, ownership and energy, and sometimes we fall out of love even though we really don’t want to! Perhaps if we actually spoke about these things with people who had better suggestions than “Welcome to married life!”, we’d be able to come up with more creative solutions to this interpersonal challenge.

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Pete & I open up about our latest self-development experience: UPW with Tony Robbins

If you follow me on Insta then you know Pete & I were at Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins last week. We freaking LOVED it and I’m already excited about planning my next Tony Robbins event! But, I have to be real with you – as much fun as it is, the work can be mega tough. Like any self-development journey, for it be effective, you need to get deep-down truthful with yourself – cut the bullshit excuses, embrace the fear, own your decision, take action and allow the consequences.

It’s not easy to go that truthful space, but once you let go and surrender to it, it is so rewarding. In this video, we share what we experienced with you – the best parts and the most challenging.

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Learning to Love Ourselves on the Go Within Podcast

Yasmin De Giorgio, Founder of Sanya, The Grassy Hopper & the Go Within Podcast, asks me about my journey within. We speak about how my introduction to self-development came with a time of massive struggle. We speak about the times in my life when I felt like I was falling apart and how I was able to come back together in a way that I became stronger, healthier and more joyful.

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How to prioritise love when you’re busy AF

This is a subject quite dear to my heart. With both Pete and I developing our own businesses, we’ve gone through phases of putting our relationship on the back-burner. This has been okay and even necessary at times, but whenever it’s gone on for too long, our sense of togetherness begins to take a hit.

I believe many people experience this in our day and age. We’re all busy – maxed out with never ending to-do-lists and working around the clocks. Taking our partners for granted is the easiest thing! We’re tired, and when we come home, we just want a break! But we’re deluding ourselves when we think that our relationships don’t deserve the same kind of energy and enthusiasm we present to the outside world.

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