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How Trauma Triggered my Chronic Pain VLOG

In today’s vlog, I speak about how the chronic pain I’ve experienced for most of my life was triggered by traumatic events in my youth. I also speak about what’s happening on a physiological level when we experience trauma and how that contributes to chronic pain. Also, tips for getting the body and mind into a state where healing is possible.

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Pete and I work on our relationship VLOG // Arguments & Jellyfish Stings

Pete and I dedicate 5 days to deepening and strengthening our relationship by doing the Ultimate Relationship Program by Tony Robbins. We speak about what we really need from each other, how to courageously show up for each other and how to nurture a lasting sexual connection.

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Choose LOVE over Fear

On this episode of Let’s Talk About Sex, Mel and I speak about situations that threaten the togetherness of the couple and trigger our fear response. Think: an in-law who doesn’t like you, some woman flirting with your man, or interests/hobbies that don’t include you. Situations like these cause us to feel unsafe and fear-driven.

When we’re fuelled by fear we make counter-productive decisions that damage the relationship even further – and it’s not because we’re stupid; there’s a biological reason why this happens! We speak about how to step out of this fear cycle so you can bring absolute SAFETY to your relationship, which is necessary for it to THRIVE.

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I called off my wedding and this is what I learned about relationships

Ola my friends!

Have you melted yet?! If not, well done!

I know I’ve been quiet on here lately, but if you follow my Insta stories then you know I’ve been pretty exhausted the past 3 weeks and I’ve been taking it easy to recover.  I’ve missed posting videos, blog posts and Instagram pics, but I chose to take some time to myself so I can focus my energy on my nearest and dearest and on my kick-ass clients.

But, I did manage to get up a video up this week! This is a video of a podcast that Christian Peregin, the Founder of Lovin Malta, and I recorded a couple of months ago when it was still cold! In fact, it was a cold, blustery, rainy day when we met.

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