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When disturbing thoughts keep you up at night…

For the past couple of months, every time Mike gets into bed, he suddenly begins to imagine that he is trapped in a confined space. He hates this thought! He doesn’t choose to have it, it just jumps into his head and however hard he tries to push it away, it keeps coming back to him. “This is ridiculous!” he tries to reassure himself, “I’m not trapped and I’m not going to be trapped!… But what if it happens?” And the fear invades his mental space again… and again… Until Mike has given up on the wish to sleep altogether and is in the living room soothing himself with tea and television.

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The Lonely Girl

It’s Friday night, Sarah sits alone, supposedly watching a movie, but she’s also scrolling through ASOS, and bouncing between Facebook and Instagram on her phone. She feels restless. She keeps thinking about making popcorn but she’s not hungry. She eats three blocks of chocolate, but they don’t satisfy her. She scrolls through Facebook more. Until she asks herself “What am I doing?” She keeps scrolling scrolling scrolling…waiting for some vital piece of information, but she realises she’s actually really bored. She puts the phone down, closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

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You’re so narcissistic you probably think this post isn’t about you…

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