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30 thoughts on my 30th birthday

Hey guys!

Today, I turn 30! Many people warned me that turning 30 might not feel too great. Apparently it can feel like a very official rite of passage into old-town. Honestly, I’ve had a couple of moments of realising that I’m getting older – mainly on an energy level – but, overall, I’m so excited to finally be 30! I feel like I’ve been 30 for a long time… if that makes any sense.

To celebrate, I want to share some lessons I’ve learned throughout my 30 years.

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Do good, look good, feel good

Hey you!

For a long time, I’ve wanted to get involved in charity work. Though my action plan is vague, my desire has kindled within me for a while. My grandmother did charity work all her life. Listening to her stories about the people she worked with and how they touched her heart, left an imprint on my sense of purpose.

Last week I found out that Dean Gera Salons were hosting an event on behalf of Do Project, called “Hair-Do”. I had never heard of Do Project before so I was curious to know who they were trying to raise funds for. I spoke to Nicole Gera, a co-owner and manager of the chain’s salon in Tal-Ibragg. She told me that the charity was working towards getting children off the streets in Cambodia.

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Our Gestalt Graduation & Celebration


I know that you know that I graduated. This news is very last Saturday. But! I went through my vlog clips of exam day and our celebration, and I thought they were really sweet. So I’ve put together a video of me and my friends.

In this video, you’ll meet some therapists, you’ll get a feel for what Gestalt classes are like, and you’ll find out what Gestalt means to some people.

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The 91 year old philanthropist


This interview is with one of my first sources of inspiration, my 91 year old Grandmother (whom I call Snugs). She has always encouraged me to be grateful, to be caring of others and to be in life with resilience. In this interview, I ask her about what it’s like to be old, her views on marriage, coping with hard times, and what was most meaningful to her in her philanthropic work with Mother Theresa.

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