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Relationships in the time of Covid

This is a beautiful question and I really thank you for your honesty. The likelihood is that most couples have had at least one (if not MORE) intense arguments in the past couple of weeks. We’re all adjusting to this new reality and although we know it’s temporary, we don’t know how long temporary is, and just because it’s temporary doesn’t mean this time period won’t have repercussions that we’ll need to deal with. This puts us all into a state of uncertainty and with uncertainty comes fear.

When we’re in a state of fear, our brains function completely differently to when we feel safe and this affects the way we feel and behave in our relationships.

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Why Do We Fall OUT of Love?

I really want to speak about this with you because the majority of us know what’s like to look at someone we used to be nuts for and feel either nothing towards them, or worse,  experience disgust or disappointment.

It’s something we all experience at some point or another, but there’s some unwritten rule that we’re not supposed to talk about it. If we talk about it, we could end up finding out that actually it was just me feeling this way and everyone else is over the moon in their relationships! And that would be down-right humiliating, wouldn’t it?

I’ve never been a fan of bullshit. I’d rather have an honest conversation than talk pleasantries. The reality of commitment is that it takes awareness, ownership and energy, and sometimes we fall out of love even though we really don’t want to! Perhaps if we actually spoke about these things with people who had better suggestions than “Welcome to married life!”, we’d be able to come up with more creative solutions to this interpersonal challenge.

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How to prioritise love when you’re busy AF

This is a subject quite dear to my heart. With both Pete and I developing our own businesses, we’ve gone through phases of putting our relationship on the back-burner. This has been okay and even necessary at times, but whenever it’s gone on for too long, our sense of togetherness begins to take a hit.

I believe many people experience this in our day and age. We’re all busy – maxed out with never ending to-do-lists and working around the clocks. Taking our partners for granted is the easiest thing! We’re tired, and when we come home, we just want a break! But we’re deluding ourselves when we think that our relationships don’t deserve the same kind of energy and enthusiasm we present to the outside world.

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How to Grow Through Challenging Times in Relationships

All relationships go through challenging times that can make you wonder if you still belong together. Here are 5 tips for strengthening the safety in your relationship, so you can navigate the difficulties in a way that will allow you both to really grow through the experience.

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