Martin, Germany:


Liana, Malta:

If you’re looking for clarity and direction in your working life, Emma’s Life Strategy sessions can help you redefine yourself and your goals. Her positivity, drive and enthusiasm for life, people and business are infectious. She is inspiring and results-oriented. Sessions may include brainstorming, evaluating new ideas, and planning strategies. If you’re looking for a coach that will take you to new heights, I would highly recommend you work with Emma.


Lauranne, Belgium:

I usually never write reviews but I definitely want to recommend Emma! She is very passionate, supportive, encouraging and believing in everyone’s greatness! Both her workshops and lifestyle stategy sessions are really well designed and empowering! Well done Emma and thank you  xx


Jennifer, London:

If you’ve never experienced a session with Emma, it’s hard to really do her justice in a description, but I’ll try. Emma makes you feel safe and stretched all at the same time. I’ve never been satisfied with cliches like “Be who you are” or “love yourself”. What I love about Emma is that she helps you work out who you can be, what qualities make you truly lovable, and then she helps you find tonnes of joy and satisfaction in the (sometimes difficult) journey of becoming YOU. On that journey, you’re a beautiful work in progress, breaking old habits, questioning your taken-for-granted assumptions, and surprising yourself in all sorts of wonderful ways. Along the journey, Emma forces you to constantly pause to celebrate your growth, and that energizes you. You’re not on a journey because you are “not enough”, you are on a journey because you’re excited to see how far you can go. Yes, Emma has helped me “love myself”, but she’s done that by first helping me tap into parts of myself I had forgotten, or didn’t even know existed.

Emma’s helped me truly feel, acknowledge and honour a range of emotions – including difficult emotions – that I didn’t know I had the capacity to feel, let alone endure. I once began my session with Emma by covering my face. “Sorry Emm, I’m a mess today”. “Great”, she said, with her characteristically sweet smile and enthusiasm, “you’re beautiful when you’re messy”. My hands came away from my face. Emma has helped me identify what I want and has supported me on a journey to make those things happen. Working with her has transformed me from the inside, and that has given me the ability to transform my life from the outside, too. I genuinely can’t recommend Emma highly enough.


Andre, Malta:

Afraid of flying… what is love? Two completely different topics, aren’t they? This is where my focus lied during the last year or so. I didn’t know what or how to do this. I was recommended Emma by a friend of mine and the journey kicked off whereby I started to attend the personal Lifestyle Strategy Sessions. The sessions are focused, explorative and fun… i’ve learnt some dancing moves too!

I understood that fear will always be present, it is how you cope and what you do that will shape your life. To make a loving relationship work, simple –YOU HAVE TO WORK FOR IT; One trick – EXPRESS YOURSELF. The result; I rock flying, a loving relationship and a happier person. Thank you Emma.


Ellaria, Sweden:

Emma is very passionate, focused and clear in her guidance. I loved attending the workshop A new year evolution. Fun, educative, inspiring and goal focused. Emma led us through the workshop step by step and I left with more determination and clear on where to put my focus. Can’t wait for the next one 😊Thank you Emma, you are brilliant ❤


Emmanouil, Greece:

Have you ever thought that there is a place where you can speak and open your mind and the person that listens to you does not judge you but tries to understand you and sync with you in order to assist you? That is what we did with Emma, who created an amazingly safe environment and helped me not only to understand my self and my needs better but also to explain this to the important people around me.


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