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Relationship conflict sucks! Let’s talk about creating an awesome relationship

For about about two years, all I researched was the topic of love. I guess I was obsessed. A loving relationship was something I so desperately wanted, but I found it very difficult to find satisfaction in them. Through my reading, watching and listening to people speak about love and it’s challenges, I was trying to figure out if there was some formula you could follow to make it work. And not just to make it functional, but to make it awesome.

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Free yourself from jealousy

At parties you can’t relax… You feel the need to be aware of your partner’s whereabouts and whom they’re talking to… Do they look interested in the person they’re with? You find it difficult to concentrate on the conversation you’re meant to be having because it makes you so nervous that they might cross a line. Your eyes quickly dart back and forth, checking whether there is a hint of intimacy between them.

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