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How to return to life after lockdown

The past few months have been tough for us all. At the beginning of lockdown, we were in touch with horror stories of what coronavirus was capable of, and now we’re quite suddenly returning to “normal”. This time has been very confusing, and has impacted us emotionally and energetically. Here are some tips for adjusting to the new normal.
*The measurements I mention in this video are the ones that have been given in Malta.

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Why you’re more tired and anxious than usual and what to do about it

So many of my clients have spoken to me about feeling more tired and experiencing more anxiety than usual. I’ve also felt this way lately. I’ve spoken to other therapists about it, and they’re also in touch with a similar trend.

I want to tell you that if you’re craving more rest, feeling somewhat unmotivated to work, or experiencing some anxious thoughts or symptoms (difficulty sleeping, intrusive unpleasant thoughts, increased heart-rate, shortness of breath), it’s 100% normal.

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Free yourself from anxiety-induced overeating

Ola my friends,

Thank you for this great question. It’s a really interesting topic and many of us find that we eat more than we need when we’re anxious. Along with how relieving it feels to MUNCH away at something & how comforting delicious food can be, overeating feels so good because a full tummy pushes down the diaphragm and this gives us a feeling of relief similar to when we breathe deep.

Since we’re speaking about anxiety-induced overeating, it’s important to calm the anxiety first. You can create all the “right rules” for yourself, but if you’re not addressing the underlying cause of the behaviour, you’ll either break all the rules, or you’ll create another equally distressing self-soothing behaviour.

So, how do you address the anxiety?

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Podcast episode with psychotherapist, Anna Fenech

As we adjust to our new version of life, part of the challenge many of us face is how to continue raising joyful, life-loving kids in the midst of all this uncertainty. To address this, I’ve invited one of my favourite psychotherapists and most influential mentors, to join me on the podcast. Anna Fenech works with adults, adolescents and young children.

In this episode, we discuss:

-How to bring safety to our kids within this uncertainty.
-How to cope with our own anxieties.
-How to resolve disagreements between partners.
-How to raise resilient kids.

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Podcast episode with microbial ecologist, Pier Luigi Buttigieg

When coronavirus first landed in Malta, the thing that caused most anxiety for me was that I didn’t understand how a virus works. All the information flying around was confusing to me because I didn’t know what was based on fact and what was hearsay.

To address this, I contacted my friend, Pier Luigi Buttigieg, who is a microbial ecologist and understands viruses better than anyone I know. I asked him to record a podcast with me so that we could answer the specific questions you sent me on Instagram.

In this episode, we answer questions like:

  • How careful do we need to be in our own homes?
  • Is it safe to meet our families outdoors?
  • If we catch the virus and the hospitals are full, what can we do to take care of ourselves at home?
  • How long will this last?

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