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From Spiritual Seeker to Conscious Business Owner, with Yasmin DeGiorgio

In this episode we explore the business journeys of entrepreneur, Yasmin Degiorgio, Founder of Sanya, Theobroma, and former owner of Grassy Hopper. We Speak about the spiritual journey that led her to her businesses, we touch on topics like the shadow, ayahuasca, and our relationships with money.

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The Polarity of Feminine & Masculine Energy

On this episode on Let’s Talk About Sex, Mel and I speak about how the polarity between feminine and masculine energy, ignites sexual passion between partners. Learning what your leading energy is and leaning into it, allows you to take your armour off and be authentic. Authenticity is what builds trust in relationships. And it’s only when we feel truly safe with each other that we can experience a deep, playful, sexual bond.

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