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My partner has sexual performance anxiety. What do I do?

When your partner has difficulty performing sexually, their anxiety affects you too! You could be filled with feelings of rejection, confusion, self-doubt or jealousy. We get you. What you’re going through is challenging and you absolutely shouldn’t be left alone in coping with this. That’s why we’ve made this video where we discuss how to respond to your partner when sexual performance anxiety is interfering with your intimacy.

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How to Overcome Sexual Performance Anxiety

Can it be difficult to get it up? Do you come too fast? Or maybe you just never seem to feel like having sex anymore? If you’re a woman, maybe you’re really tight down there or it hurts when you make love…

Ever heard of sexual performance anxiety? You miiight be struggling with it – Actually, scrap that! – You’re most definitely struggling with it!

But don’t panic! It happens to everyone! And there’s something very simple you need to know about it to make it go away.

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When your willy won’t cooperate

In our complex, messy lives, we often receive the message that of the two sexes, women are complicated and men are straightforward. When it comes to sex, women need time, focus, relaxation, connection. But men… men work at the flick of a switch! So, it’s seriously perplexing when a man’s willy won’t do what we want it to.

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