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The Lonely Girl

It’s Friday night, Sarah sits alone, supposedly watching a movie, but she’s also scrolling through ASOS, and bouncing between Facebook and Instagram on her phone. She feels restless. She keeps thinking about making popcorn but she’s not hungry. She eats three blocks of chocolate, but they don’t satisfy her. She scrolls through Facebook more. Until she asks herself “What am I doing?” She keeps scrolling scrolling scrolling…waiting for some vital piece of information, but she realises she’s actually really bored. She puts the phone down, closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

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How to change your partner’s irritating behaviour

The strive for perfection

When you first meet someone, it can be easy to see their positive traits. Your new partner can seem so relaxed and up for anything. Or maybe they’re really ambitious and that turns you on. After a few years, however, these same attractive qualities can become really irritating. Your laid back partner might never stand up for you when their mother passive-aggressively insults you across the dinner table. Or your ambitious lover might be so focussed on work, that you end up feeling like you’re way down on their priority list.

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Our Gestalt Graduation & Celebration


I know that you know that I graduated. This news is very last Saturday. But! I went through my vlog clips of exam day and our celebration, and I thought they were really sweet. So I’ve put together a video of me and my friends.

In this video, you’ll meet some therapists, you’ll get a feel for what Gestalt classes are like, and you’ll find out what Gestalt means to some people.

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To those who have experienced the impact of trauma


Last Saturday I sat my final exam for my post-graduate diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy. I did well and after 12 years of working towards this goal, I am officially a Gestalt Psychotherapist!

For part of the exam, I had to give a presentation on any topic I wanted. I chose trauma. I feel it’s important that more people are aware of what happens to our bodies during moments of trauma and what impact this has on our psychological, physiological and social lives. I also wanted to explain some of the most important supportive factors that we use in therapy with our traumatised clients.

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Why would someone go to therapy?


Check out my second YouTube video!

There’s so much misunderstanding around what psychotherapy is. Some people seem to think that a person has to be seriously disturbed to go to therapy. In this video I try to debunk these myths, by giving some examples of why someone would go to therapy and describing a little bit about the therapeutic process.

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