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My Experience of Fibromyalgia: 2018 Update

Fibro can feel like a slow-death sentence. My condition had deteriorated so badly, I knew that I had to get better or my life was heading nowhere good. I researched the condition like crazy and applied any lifestyle adjustment that I thought could help. These are the 4 adjustments I’ve found most helpful. I hope they help you (or someone you love) too. x

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My partner has sexual performance anxiety. What do I do?

When your partner has difficulty performing sexually, their anxiety affects you too! You could be filled with feelings of rejection, confusion, self-doubt or jealousy. We get you. What you’re going through is challenging and you absolutely shouldn’t be left alone in coping with this. That’s why we’ve made this video where we discuss how to respond to your partner when sexual performance anxiety is interfering with your intimacy.

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