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Q&A: How do you deal with being isolated from your partner?

Ola my friends!

This is a great question and I’ve been thinking about people who are separated from their partners a lot. As most of you know, I live with Pete so I don’t have this challenge. I’m missing my family – my parents, nieces, brother, sister and sister-in-law. If Pete and I were apart during this time, I would miss him MASSIVELY!

Since it’s a time of uncertainty, it’s really easy to experience prolonged heightened fear and this gets in the way of our relationships, big time. Fear makes us misunderstand each other, it can make us doubt each other’s ability to take care of one another, it can lead us to become overly clingy or withdrawing.

So, whether you live together or apart, this time is challenging for all couples.

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Why we’re not meant to be happy all the time

Ola my friends!

I hope you’ve had a joyful week!

This week’s video is a day-in-the-life kind of vlog, where after spending some fun time with my family I have a fibro flare-up and get into a bit of a funk. We chat about fibromyalgia, resiliency and what they mean to me, and why we’re not meant to be happy all the time because each emotion serves a vital purpose.

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How to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions get a bad rep sometimes and for different reasons. Some people say we should love ourselves as we are and stop trying to improve. Some say resolutions are stupid because they don’t work. And others say screw New Year’s; if you want to improve yourself, do it now!

The concept of the Resolution exists because one of our most fundamental human needs is “growth”. We all need to be achieving and expanding our sense of self to be able to live enjoyable and fulfilling lives.

The fact that it happens around New Year’s is just because whenever something comes to an end, it’s a good time to reflect on what was good, what could have been better, and what we want more or less of next time.

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