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Relationship conflict sucks! Let’s talk about creating an awesome relationship

For about about two years, all I researched was the topic of love. I guess I was obsessed. A loving relationship was something I so desperately wanted, but I found it very difficult to find satisfaction in them. Through my reading, watching and listening to people speak about love and it’s challenges, I was trying to figure out if there was some formula you could follow to make it work. And not just to make it functional, but to make it awesome.

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The 91 year old philanthropist


This interview is with one of my first sources of inspiration, my 91 year old Grandmother (whom I call Snugs). She has always encouraged me to be grateful, to be caring of others and to be in life with resilience. In this interview, I ask her about what it’s like to be old, her views on marriage, coping with hard times, and what was most meaningful to her in her philanthropic work with Mother Theresa.

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