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From Spiritual Seeker to Conscious Business Owner, with Yasmin DeGiorgio

In this episode we explore the business journeys of entrepreneur, Yasmin Degiorgio, Founder of Sanya, Theobroma, and former owner of Grassy Hopper. We Speak about the spiritual journey that led her to her businesses, we touch on topics like the shadow, ayahuasca, and our relationships with money.

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Podcast episode with psychotherapist, Anna Fenech

As we adjust to our new version of life, part of the challenge many of us face is how to continue raising joyful, life-loving kids in the midst of all this uncertainty. To address this, I’ve invited one of my favourite psychotherapists and most influential mentors, to join me on the podcast. Anna Fenech works with adults, adolescents and young children.

In this episode, we discuss:

-How to bring safety to our kids within this uncertainty.
-How to cope with our own anxieties.
-How to resolve disagreements between partners.
-How to raise resilient kids.

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Don’t fight less, FIGHT BETTER

On this episode of Let’s Talk About Sex, Mel and I speak about how fights in romantic relationships are protests for emotional connection. When learning how to “fight better”, improving communication skills is great, but it isn’t the whole picture. What’s most vital for the thriving of any relationship is the development of safety.

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The Polarity of Feminine & Masculine Energy

On this episode on Let’s Talk About Sex, Mel and I speak about how the polarity between feminine and masculine energy, ignites sexual passion between partners. Learning what your leading energy is and leaning into it, allows you to take your armour off and be authentic. Authenticity is what builds trust in relationships. And it’s only when we feel truly safe with each other that we can experience a deep, playful, sexual bond.

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I called off my wedding and this is what I learned about relationships

Ola my friends!

Have you melted yet?! If not, well done!

I know I’ve been quiet on here lately, but if you follow my Insta stories then you know I’ve been pretty exhausted the past 3 weeks and I’ve been taking it easy to recover.  I’ve missed posting videos, blog posts and Instagram pics, but I chose to take some time to myself so I can focus my energy on my nearest and dearest and on my kick-ass clients.

But, I did manage to get up a video up this week! This is a video of a podcast that Christian Peregin, the Founder of Lovin Malta, and I recorded a couple of months ago when it was still cold! In fact, it was a cold, blustery, rainy day when we met.

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Garance Dore discusses therapy on Pardon My French

Garance Dore is a freelance illustrator and fashion writer. I discovered her recently through her book “Love Style Life” which I devoured from cover to cover. She discusses her views on fashion, aging, friendships, differences between New York and Parisian perspectives… and she does this all in a light-hearted, funny way.

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