My body is a temple

Dear You,

A few weeks ago, I wrote to you about my commitment to self-awareness, “#40Days“. The challenge will ends today with an abundance of chocolate and the gathering of loved ones. I’ve enjoyed this time of self-reflection. I committed myself to regular writing, meditation and yoga. I found that the time I put aside helped me to see more clearly into the busyness of life that came in between. I still felt emotions that I did not understand and I definitely got caught up in taking on too much so as not to disappoint people. But, I knew that I could return to my practice whenever I needed to. And this regularity, this alone time, gave me space to be with myself however I was.

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40 Days

Dear You,

Today is the first day of Lent. The first year we were dating, my husband and I used Lent as an excuse to be mean to each other. He gave up eating pasta – which he loves – so I made sure to order pasta every time we went out. I had given up eating chocolate, so he bought me lots of chocolates. We bet on who would be the first to break. Unless, Pete ate pasta some time without me knowing about it, it was me who broke; scoffing down m&ms like there was no tomorrow.

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