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Celebrating 3 years of A Life I Choose: Q&A // How to start a business and get clients

Thank you so much for your questions on Instagram in honour of A Life I Choose’s 3rd birthday! In this video, I answer the following questions:

1) What is your advice to someone who has just started a FB page and wants to take a leap from there? (01.25)
2) What are the essential tips for someone wishing to start a business? (04.09)
3) I’m having trouble realising what my passions are and where to invest my time and efforts… any tips? (09.29)
4) How do you start a blog or vlog? (14.13)
5) How much has your business (scope) changed in 3 years from the initial vision you had? (16.52)
6) I can make to-do lists and set up daily routines but I can’t seem to get my grind back and just stick to the plan on a daily basis. Any ideas on how to get my mojo back? (19.16)
7) What’s your no.1 tip to have more clients or at least healthy, steady growth? (21.57)
8) What part of you job satisfies you most? (23.24)
9) Do you ever feel like your clients “issues” get you down? How do you deal with this? (25.04)

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