A Nation, Traumatised

Monday night, I kept waking up wishing that what happened that day was just a bad dream. My breathing shallow, my thoughts racing, I felt anxious and unsettled.

Daphne was killed? Is this real?

I barely got any work done on Tuesday. The moment I began to form a sentence, I was interrupted by a whatsapp message or a Facebook update. We were all trying to figure it out, asking each other questions and throwing fragments of information towards each other in the internet sphere.

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My Favourites for a Challenging Month

Hey Guys,

June has been a tough month for me. I got off my fibromyalgia medical treatment and it’s been much harder than I expected it to be. Pain soared, as have my emotions and sleep has not been easy to drift into. So, June has really challenged me to take care of myself. Whether I want to or not, my body has made sure that I slow down and support myself through this transition.  For this reason, self-care has been of utmost importance to me this month and I’m going to share with you, what’s helped.

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