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Free yourself from anxiety-induced overeating

Ola my friends,

Thank you for this great question. It’s a really interesting topic and many of us find that we eat more than we need when we’re anxious. Along with how relieving it feels to MUNCH away at something & how comforting delicious food can be, overeating feels so good because a full tummy pushes down the diaphragm and this gives us a feeling of relief similar to when we breathe deep.

Since we’re speaking about anxiety-induced overeating, it’s important to calm the anxiety first. You can create all the “right rules” for yourself, but if you’re not addressing the underlying cause of the behaviour, you’ll either break all the rules, or you’ll create another equally distressing self-soothing behaviour.

So, how do you address the anxiety?

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Podcast episode with microbial ecologist, Pier Luigi Buttigieg

When coronavirus first landed in Malta, the thing that caused most anxiety for me was that I didn’t understand how a virus works. All the information flying around was confusing to me because I didn’t know what was based on fact and what was hearsay.

To address this, I contacted my friend, Pier Luigi Buttigieg, who is a microbial ecologist and understands viruses better than anyone I know. I asked him to record a podcast with me so that we could answer the specific questions you sent me on Instagram.

In this episode, we answer questions like:

  • How careful do we need to be in our own homes?
  • Is it safe to meet our families outdoors?
  • If we catch the virus and the hospitals are full, what can we do to take care of ourselves at home?
  • How long will this last?

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Who says sorry first? // Ask us anything Q&A

Thank you for the questions you sent in response to our Insta story Q&A! In this video, we answer the following:

1) How do you find inspiration when you’ve lost your spark?

2) How do you cope with failure?

3) Who says “sorry” first?

4) How long does it take you to understand each other’s point of view>

5) Do you ever cry when you argue?

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Celebrating 3 years of A Life I Choose: Q&A // How to start a business and get clients

Thank you so much for your questions on Instagram in honour of A Life I Choose’s 3rd birthday! In this video, I answer the following questions:

1) What is your advice to someone who has just started a FB page and wants to take a leap from there? (01.25)
2) What are the essential tips for someone wishing to start a business? (04.09)
3) I’m having trouble realising what my passions are and where to invest my time and efforts… any tips? (09.29)
4) How do you start a blog or vlog? (14.13)
5) How much has your business (scope) changed in 3 years from the initial vision you had? (16.52)
6) I can make to-do lists and set up daily routines but I can’t seem to get my grind back and just stick to the plan on a daily basis. Any ideas on how to get my mojo back? (19.16)
7) What’s your no.1 tip to have more clients or at least healthy, steady growth? (21.57)
8) What part of you job satisfies you most? (23.24)
9) Do you ever feel like your clients “issues” get you down? How do you deal with this? (25.04)

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