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Free yourself from anxiety-induced overeating

Ola my friends,

Thank you for this great question. It’s a really interesting topic and many of us find that we eat more than we need when we’re anxious. Along with how relieving it feels to MUNCH away at something & how comforting delicious food can be, overeating feels so good because a full tummy pushes down the diaphragm and this gives us a feeling of relief similar to when we breathe deep.

Since we’re speaking about anxiety-induced overeating, it’s important to calm the anxiety first. You can create all the “right rules” for yourself, but if you’re not addressing the underlying cause of the behaviour, you’ll either break all the rules, or you’ll create another equally distressing self-soothing behaviour.

So, how do you address the anxiety?

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How Pete responded when Emma first said “I love you” // The Husband Tag

I don’t know about you, but I’m enjoying some gentle distraction from what we’re all going through sometimes, so here’s a game called The Husband Tag. We have fun, light conversation and also speak about some realities in our relationship. We hope you enjoy and that you play with your loved ones too!

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