I’m so stressed

Lately, I’ve totally been stressing out. I’m rushing from one thing to another – work, study, more work, laundry, cook, search for Christmas presents, make time for loved ones. I’m constantly feeling like there isn’t enough time in a day and at night, I keep waking up realising that I’ve been writing blog posts in my dreams.

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How to change your partner’s irritating behaviour

The strive for perfection

When you first meet someone, it can be easy to see their positive traits. Your new partner can seem so relaxed and up for anything. Or maybe they’re really ambitious and that turns you on. After a few years, however, these same attractive qualities can become really irritating. Your laid back partner might never stand up for you when their mother passive-aggressively insults you across the dinner table. Or your ambitious lover might be so focussed on work, that you end up feeling like you’re way down on their priority list.

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