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How to Have a Passionate Relationship in 2019

Imagine two people who are generally bored in their lives. They go to work, watch tv, go to sleep and do the same thing the next day. They cope with life but they don’t actually enjoy it so much. When you ask these people how they are, they reply with something like, “Not bad” or “Insomma”. Now picture these two people having sex. 

Did you see boring, mediocre sex?

Shake that vision out of your mind!

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Relationship Satisfaction: How to know when to say “no”

Growing up, we were taught that to love was to be selfless. We must give our all to the other just to make them happy. As beautiful as this sounds, the truth is that when we give more than we really want to, this has disastrous consequences on our relationships. When we allow people to take from us what we’re not ready/willing to give, we’re left feeling hurt, used, and resentful.

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30 thoughts on my 30th birthday

Hey guys!

Today, I turn 30! Many people warned me that turning 30 might not feel too great. Apparently it can feel like a very official rite of passage into old-town. Honestly, I’ve had a couple of moments of realising that I’m getting older – mainly on an energy level – but, overall, I’m so excited to finally be 30! I feel like I’ve been 30 for a long time… if that makes any sense.

To celebrate, I want to share some lessons I’ve learned throughout my 30 years.

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