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Christmas Give-Away :)

Hi Everyone!

I really wanted to put together a Christmas care package for you to win from A Life I Choose. A care package is a package full of caring, thoughtful gifts. So, I began contacting people I wanted to contribute to the give-away. I only contacted people who’s products or services are really special.

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It sounds like you need a break! When life is hard and you feel so stressed…

I’ve often heard people say that they would be happy if only their stress went away. The thing is, stress will never go away. Struggle is a huge part of life – a potentially growthful part of life. To be without stress, is to not exist at all.

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How yoga helps me cope with chronic pain

I always thought yoga was too slow for me. Pilates was more my thing – it seemed more powerful, more energetic. But then, I got really unwell, and lifting my phone was challenging. After a few years of really struggling, I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia and started a treatment plan. As time went on, going to physiotherapy, developing strength again, I decided to give yoga a try. I fell in love; head over heels (kind of like a yoga position) in love.

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