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Vulnerability Hangover VLOG // Fear & Self-Compassion

I wake up with a vulnerability hangover and process it with you – what caused it and how to let it go. We speak about how fear protects us from shame and how we can heal shame with self-compassion so we can move forward in our dreams and goals!

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How to let go of hurtful comments

A reader recently wrote to me saying that she had put a lot of energy into a project, and a colleague had criticised her work in a very harsh way. She wanted not to care, but it kept playing over and over in her head and it made her feel really angry. The feedback hurt her. She liked her project, she thought it was a good idea. She also felt she didn’t deserve to be spoken to like that. Her question for me was, “I’m often affected by negative comments from people – whether it’s my husband or a stranger. How do I let it go?

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When socialising makes you nervous…

Whether we’re aware of it or not we all feel shame about some aspect of ourselves. Shame is an emotion that makes us want to hide/run away/cover up. This affects our interactions with others. Some of us feel painstakingly shy, others compensate by being the life of the party. There’s a reason why alcohol is so popular at social events.

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Free yourself from jealousy

At parties you can’t relax… You feel the need to be aware of your partner’s whereabouts and whom they’re talking to… Do they look interested in the person they’re with? You find it difficult to concentrate on the conversation you’re meant to be having because it makes you so nervous that they might cross a line. Your eyes quickly dart back and forth, checking whether there is a hint of intimacy between them.

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