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Learning to Love Ourselves on the Go Within Podcast

Yasmin De Giorgio, Founder of Sanya, The Grassy Hopper & the Go Within Podcast, asks me about my journey within. We speak about how my introduction to self-development came with a time of massive struggle. We speak about the times in my life when I felt like I was falling apart and how I was able to come back together in a way that I became stronger, healthier and more joyful.

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The 91 year old philanthropist


This interview is with one of my first sources of inspiration, my 91 year old Grandmother (whom I call Snugs). She has always encouraged me to be grateful, to be caring of others and to be in life with resilience. In this interview, I ask her about what it’s like to be old, her views on marriage, coping with hard times, and what was most meaningful to her in her philanthropic work with Mother Theresa.

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