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We all want to seek pleasure and avoid pain. This makes total sense. Why would anyone want to experience pain? And who doesn’t crave more pleasurable experiences?!

The problem is that on our journey towards seeking pleasure, we get detoured by fears of painful experiences. We want to pursue our dreams, but we’re halted with questions like, “What if I fail?”, “What if I’m not good enough at this?”, “If I fail, I’ll really let them down.”

Our fear derails us from our greatest goals. We start to believe that our dreams are just too big and that we should let go of this la la land and settle for what we have. We become complacent, bored or irritable…or worse, we disengage from being in life fully.

This is when we start to feel as though we have no control over our destinies! Life is hard, life sucks and there’s nothing we can do about it. Who wants to feel like that?!

But, what if I told you you could still achieve your dreams? What if I said that all you had to do was acknowledge your fear and realise you can rise above it?! What if I told you you could destroy your limiting beliefs and replace them with beliefs that empower, motivate and propel you into the life you desire?

Well, I’m telling you: This is not just possible, it is a damn fact!

I used to believe I wasn’t likeable and this made it very difficult for me to interact socially. Plagued with worry that no one would like me, I ended up having very awkward social interactions, which reinforced my belief that I wasn’t likeable and made me want to socialise even less. I ended up lonely and untrusting. I didn’t have many friends and I had a really hard time liking myself.

This belief protected me from fear of rejection. If I was convinced that I wasn’t likeable, I didn’t have to actually risk anything because I was setting myself up for rejection in the first place. How can rejection gob-smack you when you’ve designed it to be the outcome?! Once I addressed this limiting self-belief and how it kept me stuck in a reality I didn’t want, I became empowered to trash it! chose to replace it with the belief that I am totally loveable! Since I changed it, I interact with people knowing in my heart that I am loveable. I approach people with love and the way they respond to me is totally different than in the past; they are warm and engaged. This has significantly increased my daily experiences of joy, my ability to form connections, and even my ability to attract work!

The techniques used for shifting fear into empowerment can be applied to every situation in your life: health, career, relationships… Want to get fit but don’t have the motivation? This works! Sick of your job and wish you could start your own business? This works! Sick of being single and wish you could be with someone who would give you absolute love? This works!

Our goal is not to eradicate fear. Fear is an excellent source of energy when you know how to decode it. Our goal is to understand fear, let it go, and replace it with something that will make you an unstoppable force of nature!

I’m a Psychotherapist and the Founder of A Life I Choose. You can think of me as a Life & Joy Strategist! My mission is to challenge you to reconnect with your true potential and to choose the life you really deserve; filled with maximum joy, energy, passion, love and drive!

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With love,
(B. Psy (Hons)) (Dipl. GPTIM)
Emma Hogg, Founder of A Life I Choose, Psychotherapist & Life & Joy Strategist
Emma Hogg, Founder of A Life I Choose, Psychotherapist & Life & Joy Strategist