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We’re Hiring!

Creative Content Assistant

Video & Photo Editor / Photographer / Graphic Designer / Podcast Producer

Sliema, Malta



The Creative Content Assistant will work closely with Emma to edit and produce videos for the A Life I Choose YouTube channel and to shoot and edit images for the A Life I Choose Blog and Instagram account. The Creative Content Assistant will also edit and produce Podcasts for the A Life I Choose Podcast.

You will be involved in a wide variety of projects, from getting the podcast up and running, to being a part of the creative design for workbooks and products that are in development.

I am looking for an organised, enthusiastic and solution-focused individual who loves a challenge, and is passionate about creating inspiring content related to personal development!

Some responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Shooting and editing compelling video projects from start to finish – including both editorial short and long form as well as branded content.
  • Working with me on scheduling and delivering content for internal review and publication.
  • Setting up photoshoots and editing images.
  • Editing and uploading podcasts.
  • Maintaining organized archive of all content.
  • Designing layout for workbooks.




  • Proficiency in video editing.
  • Excellent skill in taking and editing lifestyle photos.
  • High interest in internet and social media trends and culture.
  • Willingness to research and create tangible, functioning projects that began as just an idea.
  • Team-oriented, responsive, and comfortable collaborating, but also able to work independently.
  • Highly organised, with great attention to detail.
  • Ability and desire to learn new skills.
  • Owns responsibility and delivers on time.
  • Genuine passion for filming, photography, podcast, and style.




Flexible part-time working hours.

Working in a relaxed home-office environment, with flexibility to work from home.

Be in a highly valuable position to the agency, growing with it, with possibility for full employment in the future.

Work directly with Emma, Founder of A Life I Choose, receiving mentorship and opportunity for growth.



Apply for this job:

Email: emma@alifeichoose.com letting me know why you’d love this role. Please attach your CV and include links to your work (videos and images you’ve edited).

Let’s create kick-ass content that helps people to boost their quality of life, together!


About A Life I Choose:

A Life I Choose is a self-development agency that guides clients to amplify their personal strengths so they can overcome any challenge and create the life they really want.

All the Lifestyle Strategy Sessions, Workshops and products created are fuelled by Emma’s deep wish to belong to a world where people actively and responsibly choose their lives! A person without choice is an unhappy individual. A person who passionately and resiliently lives their purpose experiences joy and fulfilment daily.

If you’re like Emma and you see that the more people are actively engaging in life, the happier our world will be, then we need you to be a beacon of this message by living it! Together, we can have a greater positive impact on our world because the more people experience joy and fulfilment, the better we’ll treat each other.

A Life I Choose is expanding fast and I’d LOVE for YOU to be part of the journey!