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To stay sexually alive, create erotic space in your mind

In this episode of “Let’s Talk about Sex on XFM 100.2 with Melanie Kelly”, we talk about how to actively create erotic space. When I say “erotic space”, I’m not referring to physical space – although this is important. Instead, I’m speaking about using your mind-power to send sexual cues to your body to prime yourself to be  receptive and ready. This discussion is helpful to those who want to keep their sexuality alive and enjoyable.

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Affairs are the epitome of the erotic and we can learn from them

“It just happened! I swear!!”

“Do you expect me to believe that you just slipped inside of her? “Oh, I’m terribly sorry, I tripped over this bench and fell into your vagina?!””

Matt’s wife, Jessica, has recently come across evidence that he’s been having an affair with a woman named Catherine. Do you believe Matt when he says it just happened?

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Mastering the Cycle of Youth

Are you one of those people who once graduating from university, getting a particular job, reaching a certain age or upon getting married decided to ‘grow up’? What I mean is did you stop doing certain things that gave you a great sense of pleasure just because you were expected to act a certain way now that you are ‘old’? Let this sink in for a moment and be honest with yourself. I for starters am guilty as charged.

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How to Stay Sexually Hungry for your Long-Term Partner

I bet everyone reading this right now can think of a moment when you looked at your loved one and thought, “That’s so not hot”. Am I right?!

At the beginning of a relationship, it’s hot and steamy. If you’re lucky you’re looking at the other thinking, “DAAaaaaaaMMMmmnnnNNN!” As time ticks by, the novelty wares off. The way her collar bone is revealed as she pulls her hair into a high bun doesn’t instantly give you the urge to jump over and kiss her neck. Your partner undressing has become, well, just run of the mill, day-to-day getting dressed.

It’s a challenging one! We want long-term belonging and emotional support, but we want raunchy, hot lust too! We want someone to hold us when we get bad news, but we also want that same person to pull our hair and force us down. How do we have both in the same relationship after several years have gone by?

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