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Design your life, so you can thrive

Design your life,

so you can

Hi, my friends!

I’m Emma

I’m the Founder of the self-development agency, A Life I Choose.

I’m so glad you’re here!

Create your kick-ass career!

Do you know what I wanted in a career more than anything? To do something I love. To have freedom over my time. And to be financially independent to afford the things I need and want for me and my family. And I got it! Boom.

Sounds easy right? But it took me a while to figure out. And until I figured it out, I felt stuck.

It was so hard mainly because I had so much doubt and fear around it. And very little guidance. I mean, as someone just starting out, how do you gain the kind of clients you want? How do you start earning the kind of money you dream of? And, really? I can do what I really love, make money AND enjoy free time? I wasn’t sure this was possible.

Through all my research and training, the path became clear. I figured out how to have the career and lifestyle I want on my terms. And you can too.

Don't just live your life, LOVE your life.

Say goodbye to feeling lost, frustrated, doubting yourself and your abilities, being exhausted and unfulfilled. Be the person who loves their life and everyone can see it.

Lifestyle Strategy Sessions guide you to gain clarity on what drives you, what you really want to contribute to this world and how to create the experiences you’re after. Not only will you uncover a vision for your life, you’ll build it step by step, you’ll live it and you’ll LOVE it!


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