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Do you want to have more sex?

It’s totally normal for sexual desire to wane when we’ve been with our romantic partners for a while. But, when we believe there’s no way of re-igniting passion, we become stuck. We sometimes imagine that the only way we can become sexually alive again is through a relationship with someone else. But, you don’t have to reach for the divorce papers just yet, there are ways to re-kindle sexual desire within long-term relationships.

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Do you feel lonely and disconnected?

It’s hard to feel connected in a world that is so gravely disconnected. We spend so much time looking at our screens, but when was the last time you really looked at someone? I don’t mean like catching a glimpse of someone, and I don’t mean staring either – you’re not actually looking at anything when you’re staring – I mean, looked with curiosity, without judgement, just looked.

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Are dating apps making it difficult to choose one partner?

If you follow my Instagram stories, you know that I recently conducted a small research project about people’s experiences dating on Tinder. I created polls, you answered – you guys are great 🙂 And some of you even let me interview you! Here’s what I found.

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On jealousy and judgement

Chloe’s face gets hot as her heart pounds and she uses all her energy to constrain herself from hitting her boyfriend in the face.

Adam seems to have forgotten about Chloe and he’s in his charming mode; sounds of playful delight bouncing between him and a tall, slim, brunette. Big dark brows, green seductive eyes, perky tits. She sounds Spanish.

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