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    Most frequent questions

    Does Emma offer one-to-one sessions?

    Yes, Emma is the creator of Lifestyle Strategy Sessions which are a combination of therapy and coaching. She works one-on-one with clients guiding and challenging them to build the lives they dream of.

    Are sessions in-person or online?

    All sessions take place online: over zoom, skype, whatsapp or FB messenger.

    How much do sessions cost?

    Please request info about sessions using the contact box above and we will email you with the session packages we have on offer.

    Can I sign up for one session or do I invest in a package of sessions?

    Sessions come in packages because we want you to absolutely kick ass! Building a truly fulfilling life takes commitment and frequent practice; for this reason, one-off sessions just won’t do.

    Does Emma train CEOs and Execs?

    Absolutely, check out our testimonials on our Lifestyle Strategy Sessions page.

    Do you do group sessions or talks for workplaces?

    Yes, please contact us using the contact box above to discuss or email us on

    Do I need to be based in Malta to do sessions?

    Nope! Emma works with clients in Australia, Mexico, Germany, the UK… you get the picture.

    Do you have session packages for kids?

    Emma only works with adults.

    How do I know which Lifestyle Strategy Sessions package is best for me?

    Go with your gut, or have a complimentary call with Emma; she’ll guide you.

    Do I need to complete the Create Your Kick-Ass Career digital course in a specific timeframe?

    The beauty of this course is that you can do it at your own pace. There are 7 modules to the course; you could do them over 7 days or over 7 weeks. You could even give yourself a 2 week break and do it over 9 weeks. Just don’t go beyond 10 weeks – the more consistent your frequency, the better your momentum will be.

    Do I have lifetime access to the course?

    Yes, absolutely. You can access the course by logging into the course page via our website.