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Do you know what I wanted in a career more than anything? To do something I love. To have freedom over my time. And to be financially independent to afford the things I need and want for me and my family.

And I got it! Boom.

Sounds easy right? But it took me a while to figure out. And until I figured it out, I felt stuck. I was running around in circles trying to create a life on my terms and just not managing to. It was frustrating and embarrassing to say the least.

But it was so hard mainly because I had so much doubt and fear around it. And very little guidance. I mean, as someone just starting out, how do you gain the kind of clients you want? How do you start earning the kind of money you dream of? And, really? I can do what I really love, make money AND have time to enjoy my kids or my hobbies or just have fun? I wasn’t sure this was possible.

Through all my research and training, the path became clear. I figured out how to have the career and lifestyle I want on my terms. And you can too. I designed a digital course called, Create Your Kick-Ass Career that guides you to build the career and lifestyle you want step-by-step.

It doesn’t tell you what to do – I know you’re more than capable of figuring that out yourself. Instead, it asks you the questions that you need to reflect on to get crystal-clear on what you want and to take the actions to create the results you’re after.

You do the course online, at your own pace. And you could even opt to have 2 or 7 accountability calls with me alongside the course to help you overcome obstacles and stay on track with your dream. If you’d like to try it out, you can get the 1st module for free by subscribing below. In this module, you’ll get crystal clear on the kind of career you want and why you want it. This is the fuel you need to gain momentum.

I’m so excited for you to share your gifts with the world on your terms!


From the Community

Can you relate to any of these?
  • You want to dedicate your energy towards building your dream career, but first you need to gain clarity on what that dream is.
  • You want guidance; a plan to know what steps should come first, second, third and so on, so that you can stop feeling lost and finally take action!
  • You want a career that you’re excited about, that you’re proud of, and that empowers you to boost your quality of life and the lives of those around you.
  • You want unshakable trust in yourself that you can do this.
  • You want financial growth, time flexibility and freedom.

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    Module 1: Speak Your Truth

    Module 1 guides you to get crystal-clear on the kind of career you want and why you want it.

    With this clarity, your decisions become much easier to make because you’re no longer doubting the direction you’re moving in.

    This means that you stop second-guessing yourself, you gain mental peace, freedom and the confidence to move forward.

    Module 2: The Power of a Committed & Abundant Mindset

    In Module 2, you master the power of a committed and abundant mindset because 80% of your results are dependent on your psychology.

    This mindset empowers you to honour and keep building your vision even when the most challenging of obstacles come up.

    This results in you becoming so incredibly adaptable and resilient that you’re able to generate the results you’re after no matter what life throws at you.

    Module 3: Create Your Empowered Identity

    In Module 3, you choose your empowered identity by training your emotional state. This is important because when we’re not in an optimum emotional space, it drags down our ability to focus and come up with creative solutions.

    Training yourself to be in a beautiful emotional state everyday means that you think optimistically, you come up with solutions to challenges and you have the energy to keep moving forward.

    Module 4: Love Your Clients

    In Module 4, you become obsessed with your clients because when you understand how to consistently meet your clients’ needs, they become totally loyal to your service/product.

    What this means for you is that your clients return again and again, and refer their family and friends, which means that you’re never short of work and can have the social impact, creative freedom or financial abundance that you desire.

    Module 5: Become a Trusted Leader in Your Field

    Module 5 guides you on how to build trust with the kinds of people you want to work with because trust is the foundation to forming those key relationships.

    The beauty of this module is that you learn how to make friends with anyone. And people love to buy from their friends, so selling/having the kind of influence you want to have becomes your super-power. This means that you always have more than enough work coming to you and you get to work with the people you aspire to.

    Module 6: Choose Your Income

    Module 6 guides you to quantify the amount of money you want to be earning and then break down what you need to do to earn that, step by step. We do this because if you never claim how much you want to earn, you’re very unlikely to ever hit that target, so to manifest the sort of abundance you want in your life, you need to name it and make a plan to get there.

    Doing this module empowers you to never be limited by your income because you can replicate this process over and over again whenever you want to earn more.

    What this means is that you feel absolutely safe knowing that you always have more than enough financial abundance for you and the ones you love.

    Module 7: Keep Your Momentum High

    Module 7 makes sure that you keep delivering the results you’re after way after the course is over because the last thing you want is to put in all this energy for it to then drop and fizzle out into nothing.

    I guide you to set time-bound goals that keep you focussed. And you make sure you achieve these goals by designing a flexible structure of consistent habits that will determine your success.

    This module ensures that not only do you hit your targets, but you do so at a pace that feels good for you. This means that you keep achieving way into the future in a way that makes it sustainable for you to also enjoy your life.

    What you’ll gain from this course

    “I will be forever grateful to A Life I Choose for helping me conquer my fears, for encouraging and guiding me setting and achieving new life goals and to learn how to listen to my inner self! ❤️”

    Krista Pace

    “If you need a little (or a lot!) of direction, look no further! The structure of the sessions is brilliant and it has vastly improved my life by bringing awareness where it’s needed most.. could not recommend Emma enough and will be forever grateful for all that I have been taught!”

    Nathalie Vella

    “Emma helped me identify personal goals and how to reach them. She kept me on track with her compassion and intelligent advice, which resonated with me. I fully recommend A Life I Choose to anyone wanting to live a life they design for themselves (and nobody else) so they can feel fulfilled.”

    Davinia Cutajar
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    • Video explanations for each module


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    Option 2

    • Course handbook with exercises
    • Video explanations for each module
    • Two live one-on-one accountability sessions with Emma


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    Option 3

    • Course handbook with exercises
    • Video explanations for each module
    • Seven live one-on-one accountability sessions with Emma


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