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Create your kickass career!

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About Course

T his course takes you from concept stage to implementation. You’ll get crystal-clear on the kind of career you want to create. You’ll strengthen yourself with the self-belief and resourcefulness that you need to go out and build that dream-career. And of course, you’ll create the strategies and take the action necessary to actually build it, step by step.


During this course, you’ll clarify exactly what your product or service is. You’ll choose who your ideal client/company is and how to build trust with them so that they keep coming back to you. You’ll specify how much money you want to be earning and create your strategy to hit that target consistently. You’ll also create a flexible routine that will support you to keep your momentum high so that you continue building your dream-career long after the course is done.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Gain clarity on what your dream is.
  • Make a plan to achieve your dream.
  • Build a career that you’re excited about, that you’re proud of, and that empowers you to boost your quality of life and the lives of those around you.
  • Gain the confidence you need to be able to do this.
  • Achieve financial growth, time flexibility and freedom.

Course Content

Course Introduction

  • Create Your Kick-Ass Career

Module 1: Speak Your TRUTH
You’ll identify where you are now in your career path and where you really want to go. Module 1 provides you with the opportunity to remember who you are; your passions, your strengths, what makes you YOU. In this module, you’ll dream big, and truly own your career vision and purpose.

Module 2: The Power of a Committed & Abundant Mindset
A reminder that our success isn’t dependent on our circumstances being comfortable, but on our absolute commitment to the results we want. In Module 2, you’ll learn to consistently train your mind to release fear and step back into a state of abundance, so that you will always overcome the obstacles that are thrown at you and come up with kick-ass solutions so that you can keep achieving the results you want.

Module 3: Create Your Empowered Identity
In Module 3, you’ll create your empowered identity that is supported and reinforced through your emotional energetic state, your beliefs about yourself and your abilities, and the effective technique of visualisation. In this module, we make sure that your brain is fully focussed on your vision so that your unconscious will work with you and never against you. This module will ensure that you consistently notice opportunities for growth and take action towards them.

Module 4: Love Your Clients
In Module 4, you’ll design your product/service with the needs of your ideal client at the forefront of your mind. When you meet the needs of your clients better than anyone else, you create happy, loyal clients who return time and time again. You may think that this module isn’t relevant to you if your intention for your career is to work within companies that you love, but it absolutely is relevant. You need to get clear on what you’re offering them so that they know that they need you.

Module 5: Become a Trusted Leader in Your Field
Module 5 will give you the tools you need to become a trusted leader in your field. You do this by bringing certainty to your clients and empowering them to fulfil their need for growth. You’ll create your strategy for building awareness about you or your brand by consistently and authentically delivering valuable messages to your ideal potential clients through the right mediums.

Module 6: Choose Your Income
In this module you’ll own the monetary value of your work and choose your desired income. You’ll create your strategy for generating this level of income that will in turn empower you to continue growing and investing in yourself, and create your desired lifestyle.

Module 7: Keep Your Momentum High
This module ensures that you keep your momentum high well after the course has ended. We make sure of this by setting time-bound targets that are met by performing consistent habits that are supported by a flexible routine.

End of the Course