Emma Hogg, Founder of A Life I Choose, Psychotherapist and Lifestyle Strategist



Are you a person who is dedicated to living a purposeful life full of achievement, contribution and joy? If this is You, then you know that choosing the direction of your life and consistently taking steps that are in alignment with your goals and values, is vital to experiencing a life of fulfilment.

Lifestyle Strategy Sessions, help you to gain clarity about what drives you, what you really want to contribute to this world and how to create the experiences you’re after. Not only will you uncover a vision for your life, but you’ll also design your strategy to get there.

These sessions are goal-oriented and provide the frequency and momentum you need to continuously meet your targets! While doing so, they’re also extremely therapeutic because no growth can be made without first resolving inner conflict, replacing limiting self-beliefs and healing old wounds.

These sessions will give you the space and challenge you need to evaluate, integrate and choose your next steps, always with your ultimate vision in goal. 

Request your complimentary session with Emma (B. Psy (Hons), MA. GPTIM) so you can give Lifestyle Strategy Sessions a try and get a feel for the process. Sign up for Sessions so that you can overcome anything life throws at you and actively be the person you want to be. Live passionately, purposefully and joyfully!

Sessions take place online via Skype, Zoom or FB messenger call.