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On jealousy and judgement

Chloe’s face gets hot as her heart pounds and she uses all her energy to constrain herself from hitting her boyfriend in the face.

Adam seems to have forgotten about Chloe and he’s in his charming mode; sounds of playful delight bouncing between him and a tall, slim, brunette. Big dark brows, green seductive eyes, perky tits. She sounds Spanish.

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To create the life you want, get clear about your intentions

Dear Choiceful People,

The word “manifest” has been kind of trendy lately. It can seem whimsical, like dreaming something we want into reality. But, it doesn’t work like that. We can’t manifest the life we want if we’re not sure of what we want. It’s only when we become clear on what our intentions are that we can move into bringing these desires into our life.

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Dear 2017, you were tough…

Dear 2017,

You sent me such an interesting challenge this year. I got a bilateral dissection in my carotid arteries (i.e. a tear in the two arteries that supply the majority of the brain with blood), and it resulted in me having a temporary stroke.

I was lucky… All I lost was sensation in the right side of my face, and most of it has come back. At the same time, this was a really difficult time for me.

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New Year’s Ritual

Dear Friends,

I invite you to the first A Life I Choose “New Year’s Ritual”. Join me as we reflect on the year that’s passed: the ups, the downs, the nourishing and the challenging. We will acknowledge 2017 for what it was, and then look forward to 2018. We will set intentions together so that we may create more of what we want in the year to come.

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