Is watching porn cheating?

With porn being available to us at the swipe of our smart phones, it is no surprise that the majority of adults have had some experience of it. It’s so easily accessible that people’s viewing of porn has become acceptable. Yet, with it’s “normalcy”, couples are finding that porn is interfering with their ability to connect, now more than ever. 

“He insists he has to work late, waits for me to go to bed and then jerks off to some dumb-looking American school girl on the internet, can you believe it?!”

“I thought we didn’t have much sex because he wasn’t so sexually energetic, but then I found hundreds of links to porn sites in his internet history. He watches porn everyday!”

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A Nation, Traumatised

Monday night, I kept waking up wishing that what happened that day was just a bad dream. My breathing shallow, my thoughts racing, I felt anxious and unsettled.

Daphne was killed? Is this real?

I barely got any work done on Tuesday. The moment I began to form a sentence, I was interrupted by a whatsapp message or a Facebook update. We were all trying to figure it out, asking each other questions and throwing fragments of information towards each other in the internet sphere.

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The Intelligence of our Emotions

“Breathing is painful because my chest is so heavy and tight. It hurts!” she cries, holding onto her chest. “I’m so tired. I’m so tired.”

Most of us can relate to my client’s experience. Sadness and worry that stays with us for weeks. That nagging feeling that something’s not right and an overwhelming urge to no longer feel this way.

“It feels like there’s a weight in my chest.”

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Can you recover from an eating disorder?

Like a lot of teenagers, when I was 13 years old, I had difficulty processing my emotions. Some experiences had left me very emotionally raw, and I didn’t have the life experience to know how to process them and cope. 

Overall, I experienced a lot of disgust and shame. At a time when so many changes are occurring physically, I projected those awful feelings onto my body. I felt fat and ugly. I would watch women on MTV and wish that my body could look like theirs.

I tried to diet to get rid of these horrible feelings. I thought that if my weight would go away these awful emotions would as well. After months of grabbing my tummy and wishing it would disappear, my self-loathing grew so huge that I decided I had to find a way to make myself smaller. 

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