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“Why do People Cheat?” on XFM 100.2 tonight at 9!

Want to understand why someone would cheat on their partner? Tune in to XFM 100.2 at 9pm where Melanie Kelly & I are delving deeper into “Why People Cheat” on “Let’s Talk About Sex”.

What we’re speaking about:

  • Why would someone cheat?
  • Is it possible to recover from an affair?
  • Can you prevent an affair from happening in the first place?

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infidelity, why do people cheat, lipstick on collar, man cheating, a life i choose

Why do people cheat on their partners?

For the past 2 months, Mike has been flirting with Lindsey, his pilates instructor. It began with a spark he felt when she arranged his posture in class. It developed into smiles, winks, whatsapps, lingering chats after class, a coffee, a massage for his aching back muscles, until last week they allowed chemistry to break through restraint and they went all the way in the ladies’ showers at the gym.

What you don’t know about Mike is that he’s married! He and Jenny have been married for 8 years and they have 2 young kids. He met Jenny at university where they were both studying law. Mike felt instantly attracted to her fierce independence. She has always been very practical and stoic. Even though she loves her work, she didn’t make any fuss about letting it go to raise their children. She did what she felt was right to do and that was that.

They have a good life together: amazing children, great friends, close family members. But still, Mike is potentially jeopardising it all by being with Lindsey. Why would he do this?

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Me vs. Alcohol

When Lent comes round, I like to challenge myself with a new practice. This year, touched by Russell Brand’s book, “Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions”, I decided to look at my relationship with alcohol. Russell really drilled into my head that everyone has some kind of addictive behaviour, whether it be with our phones, sugar, alcohol…. And if I’m really honest with myself (and with you), as well just enjoying the taste of good alcohol, I sometimes notice myself using it in a compulsive way.

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